A Personalized Financial
Game Plan for HENRYs™

  • Customized
  • Comprehensive

Work with a dedicated financial planner
to build a personalized game plan.

We make sure you’re asking all the right questions and checking all the right boxes so you’re not missing any
opportunities to be smarter with your money.

  • Customized
  • Comprehensive

Enjoy Your Money,

Over the course of several weeks, work virtually with a dedicated financial planner to refine and put purpose behind your financial life.

The Stash Plan® process is designed to answer all the questions you ask (and the questions you don’t even know to ask!)

You make good money, you should have something to show for it!

for Individuals


Whether you’re starting from scratch or coming to us with some level of strategy in place, we discuss it all!

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for Couples


Let’s get you and your S.O. thinking + working as a team so you get on track for your goals faster and more efficiently.

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  • Upgrade your lifestyle.

    You work hard and should enjoy your money but more often than not, you “try” to be responsible and usually end up with a financial hangover anyway.

  • No more guilt

    With a plan for your money and some automation in place, whatever’s left in your checking account is yours to blow, guilt-free!

  • The B word.

    Budgeting is a dirty word at Stash Wealth. No one wants to budget [nerd-alert]. What we want is to enjoy our money and not think twice when we buy stuff. There’s a better way than budgeting.

  • Stop winging it.

    You contribute 5% to your 401k because it “sounded like a good number” but have no clue if you’re actually on track for retirement. You know your financial future deserves a little more thought and planning.

Questions We Tackle During The Stash Plan®

I make good money, where the hell is it all going?

I want to prioritize retirement but what about my student loans?

How should I plan so that I can quit my day job and start my own thing?

And more…

Are there ways to hack taxes now that we’re married?

Can we merge our finances but still maintain independence?

We want to start investing. How do we get on the same page?

And more…

Is a 529 the best college savings vehicle to use and why?

How do we navigate insurance and estate planning decisions?

Are we in a position to take on childcare costs for a 2nd or 3rd child?

And more…

We help HENRYs™ across
the country


But don’t take our word for it

Plan for the future.
Don’t compromise today.

It’s time to put purpose behind your financial life – from saving to investing to paying down student loans. No more arbitrary financial decisions!

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Not ready for the Stash Plan®? Check out our money course!