Stash Management™

Ongoing wealth management support
for HENRYs™ who have completed
the Stash Plan® process.

The world is officially your oyster.

You took control of your financial life. You have answers to all of your financial questions. But you want to
delegate the heavy lifting and maintain access to financial professionals for year-round support.


  • Stash Plan® Implementation

    Goodbye, procrastination. Now that you know what you need to do, we help you
    do it. Let’s bring your Stash Plan® to life.

  • Goals-Based Investing

    We set up and manage your investments (retirement, too!) so that you are
    invested based on the goals in your Stash Plan®.

  • Account Consolidation

    Old 401(k)s, that college bank account, random credit cards, etc. Let’s get
    that mess organized + streamlined so it’s easier to manage.

  • Ongoing Advice + Guidance

    Job negotiation? Buying a car? New retirement plan at work? Your dedicated
    money expert is just a phone call or email away.

  • Stash Plan® Update

    As life changes, goals change. We recalibrate your strategy every year,
    so that you’re always using your money in the smartest way.

  • Access to Team Experts

    Convenience is a beautiful thing. Vetted experts at your fingertips for real
    estate, estate planning, insurance, taxes and more.

Year-round support for all things money.

Your financial success is about more than just investing for the goals in your Stash Plan®.

A personal trainer for
your money

Now that you have your financial sh*t together,
we help you keep it together. Accountability
gives you that extra edge.

Do what you do best
and delegate the rest

Delegator-types prefer to spend their time on
what they do best. But you’re not off the hook.
We take a collaborative approach.

Wealth Management before
you have “wealth” to “manage”

We don’t just manage wealth, first we help you
build it. Until now, this level of hand-holding has
been reserved for really really rich people.

Don’t have a Stash Plan®?



Take a look at some of the most common questions HENRYs™ ask before signing up for Stash Management™

Stash Management™ clients have access to work with their planner to recalibrate their financial plan every year (a value of $1497 for individuals and $1997 for couples).

Vetted experts are available at preferred price points to Stash Management™ clients.