“While we all want to watch our wealth grow, unless you’re
spending it on the things and experiences you value, what’s the point?”

Priya Malani

Founder & CEO

Our Financial Planning Values

Financial Planning is part art and part science. Every individual and couple is unique. Below are a set of rules,
principles and values our planners abide by as they collaborate with HENRYs™ during the Stash Plan® process.

Build a plan that puts lifestyle first.

Most financial professionals put so much emphasis on the future, that clients are left feeling disconnected from the near-term benefits of their financial plan.
We strive to help you keep (or upgrade) your lifestyle just as much as we help you plan for your mid and long-term financial goals.

Prevent clients from being their own worst enemy.

We empower clients through education. We realize this stuff wasn’t taught in school and it’s possible you may miss out on a valuable financial decision
because you don’t know to ask about it. We give you answers to the questions you ask – and the ones you don’t.

Help provide perspective on financial priorities.

While financial planning requires thinking into the future, we don’t expect you to have you entire life figured out today (that’d be crazy!). We help you think
through and prioritize your short-, mid-, and long-term goals and discuss how to accomplish them in the most efficient way.

Put automation at the center of the planning process.

No one wants to micromanage their financial life. We discuss how to put your game plan on auto-pilot, so you don’t have to think about it. And more
importantly, so you can’t f*ck with it. Automation means you’re making progress towards your goals without lifting a finger.

Discuss the why, not just the what.

Sure, we tell you what to do with your money. But more importantly, we explain why. We believe that if you don’t understand THE WHY behind your
financial decisions, you’ll never stick to the strategy. Leaving you with a plan you don’t understand or believe in is not very helpful for anyone.

Help couples think and work as a team.

Stash takes a “one team, one dream” approach. Even for couples who are on the same page, 80% of what we do is therapy. The numbers are the easy
part. When you think and work as a team you get on track for your goals faster and more efficiently (aka mathematically).

Stay focused on what’s best for the client.

We’re not into impressing you with jargon-filled advice or numbers you don’t care about. We keep it real and we keep is simple. Every client is unique
and requires a different level of hand-holding. You will be treated like the individual that you are.

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