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Not your Father’s
Financial Advisor.

We get that, historically, financial services have been expensive and reserved for the wealthy.
Stash Wealth is a modern financial firm for high earners who make good money and want
something to show for it.

Stash Wealth is the brainchild of former Wall Street execs on a mission to educate and empower
young professionals who are largely ignored by traditional financial firms or have an allergic
reaction to stuffy mahogany offices. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Stash Wealth makes
financial advice accessible to young professionals around the country who want to turn their
income into wealth.


The tl;dr

We’ve reimagined wealth
management and packaged
it in a way that makes
sense for our generation.

The Rebels Of Wall Street

Meet The Founders
Founder & CEO

Priya Malani

Priya Malani is an entrepreneur and founder of Stash Wealth, a financial
planning and investment management firm for HENRYs™ [High Earners, Not
Rich Yet]. Disillusioned with Wall Street, Malani left Merrill Lynch to address
what she recognized as a huge gap in the industry—financial services for
young people who are largely ignored by traditional firms. Since its
inception, Stash Wealth has disrupted the financial planning industry by
providing highly personalized advice and guidance to 20- and 30-
somethings who make good money and want something to show for it.
Dubbed “the Rebel of Wall Street”, Malani wants to change the way young
professionals think about money by empowering them to get their financial
sh*t together. In addition to running Stash Wealth, Malani serves as a
featured financial expert on numerous platforms including Wall Street
Journal, Forbes, CNBC, Refinery29, Shape Magazine, Bustle, Purewow,
Girlboss, Brides, The Coveteur, SiriusXM and more. She speaks regularly at
businesses and universities around the country and has been invited to
speak at Cornell, Harvard, NYU, Yelp, IBM, Twitter, Blue Apron and more.


Rob Kovalesky

Rob Kovalesky is a founding partner at Stash Wealth – a financial services
firm for the young, hip and cool. On the executive front, he provides
support to business strategy helping to further the mission of the
organization. Day to day, Rob is in charge of the Stash Management™
program – a high-touch, full-service wealth management experience for
HENRYs™ who have their financial sh*t together thanks to the Stash
Plan®. In addition to overseeing the execution of Stash Management™,
Rob manages the firm’s investment models used to execute upon goals-
based investment strategies for full-time clients. Most recently, Rob was a
Vice President of Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley in NYC. Prior to that,
he worked his way up the ranks from analyst to VP at Merrill Lynch.

…but who the hell is HENRY™?


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