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At Stash Wealth, we make it our business to share the wealth…of information

Adulting 101

Do you want to empower your audience to get smart with their money without using words that go over their head?

Are you an employer looking for a better way to help employees understand your retirement plan or options program?

Enter Stash Wealth.

Smart Money Events…by Stash Wealth

Choose from one of our events or we can create a custom event for your group


The last class you should have taken in school. We show you how to balance your lifestyle today while planning for tomorrow. Saving, budgeting, the best credit cards and more.


Ready to make your money work harder for you? We show you how and what you absolutely must do first. Plus, learn the #1 mistake individual investors make and more.

THE 411 ON YOUR 401(K)

Everything you should know about your company’s retirement plan but were too afraid to ask. Taxes, benefits, matching & more, in words you can understand.


Should you exercise them? Should you wait? What are the tax implications? Learn the language of stock options so you can stop pestering your benefits coordinator 😛


From credit cards to student loans, let’s figure out how to pay down that debt without compromising your lifestyle because you have better things to spend your money on.


Over 60% of human resource professionals say financial stress is having an impact on employee work performance.

A jargon-free talk about the financial sh*t you need to understand.

Remember that time your benefits provider came in to talk about retirement planning? A real snooze-fest, we know! Stash Wealth cuts through the jargon and boils it down to what your employees need to know so they can make smart decisions with their money. We love teaching young professionals how to get their [financial] sh*t together.

Want us to speak at your office?

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