It takes most clients 5-6 weeks to complete the entire process, whether planning alone or with a partner. This includes two virtual meetings, a little data gathering and homework on your end, and a few email exchanges with your planner. The total time commitment averages around 5-6 hours for most people.

All meetings are conducted virtually via video chat and involve screen share. We understand that this is a departure from the old-school model where advisors and clients meet in person. Keeping things virtual allows us to serve clients across the country and keep our services accessible (aka affordable) to HENRYs™. You're welcome to turn your webcam on or off, whatever you prefer.

Upon signing up for the Stash Plan®, you will be assigned to your dedicated financial planner. Your planner will stick with you through the entire planning process. 

Stash Wealth uses a proprietary financial planning philosophy and delivery methodology that is designed for its lifestyle-focused millennial clientele. We believe the traditional CFP® methodology works great for retirees and pre-retirees, but not for HENRYs™ who want to enjoy their lifestyles now -- not just in retirement. Learn more.

Take our 2-minute AM I A HENRY™ quiz to determine if you’re a HENRY™ and ready for the Stash Plan®.  Note: The quiz is meant to gauge your financial readiness to ensure you will benefit from a financial plan. If you are not ready, we don’t leave you hanging. Check out our online course, MoneyMASTERED™, designed to help you build a solid financial foundation.

That’s okay. We are completely dedicated to helping young professionals of various income levels achieve their financial goals. If upon completing the AM I A HENRY™ quiz, you do not qualify for the Stash Plan®, consider our money masterclass, MoneyMASTERED™. The advice and guidance you learn from the online course is designed to get you ready for the next step in your financial journey. 

 The advice and guidance given during a Stash Plan® is different for every client (since every client has different financial goals and needs). In addition to the comprehensive financial plan you walk away with, a ton of value comes through the conversations you have with your planner throughout the Stash Plan® process. We review the financial decisions you’ve made to date, create a game plan for your future goals, and unwind old-school money myths that are holding you back. Given how customized the process is, we’ve learned there’s no such thing as “sample materials” from a Stash Plan®.

Of course! Student loans are a common pain point for our generation and helping you get a handle on them is one of our specialties. The average HENRY™ comes to Stash Wealth with approximately $80,000 in student debt. Our planners will help you navigate your plan to pay it off, refinancing, consolidation, and even relationship issues that can crop up around student debt. 

Yes. After a detailed conversation around retirement, your planner will provide you with the amount you should be contributing, which retirement accounts are right for you, and how they should be invested. We’ll also tell you what to do with your old 401(k)s that might be floating around from previous jobs.

Of course! As long as you qualify as a HENRY™, we can help you get your financial sh*t together. We won’t sugar coat it though—playing catch-up sucks. As long as you’re committed to the process, we can help.

Totally. It’s common for one partner to be more involved with finances than the other. That said, if you and your partner decide to do the Stash Plan® as a couple, you’ll both be required to attend each meeting. You’ll find your plan is far more effective when you’re both on the same page. One team, one dream.

This is a pretty common situation. You’re pumped to get your money working harder for you, but your partner would rather wing it (or ignore it!). When it comes to working with couples, our financial planners are pros.. Your job is simply to get your partner on the meeting (this is required if signing up for the Stash Plan® for Couples). Leave the rest to us! We provide all the motivation, inspiration, and excitement they’ll need to want to get involved. 

You and your S.O. are required to be present for the entire duration of each meeting. Legally we must require this and we have found it works to everyone’s advantage. Namely, we help you and your S.O. think and work as a team and it’s hard to do that if one of you isn’t available. Attending meetings together increases the likelihood that you’ll come out of the process on the same page and speaking the same language when it comes to your money. If you’re already on the same page, great, we still need you both in the meetings.

There are several reasons why a couple may or may not choose to merge their accounts. We’ll discuss the pros/cons and psychological benefits so you can make informed choices. While merging accounts is not required, we will walk you through Stash Wealth’s philosophy on the topic and figure out a customized approach that makes sense for you and your relationship.

Of course! That’s almost always the case. One partner might make more money, have more student debt, or be dealing with a complicated family situation—and it’s all okay. Our goal is to help you get on track for your goals regardless of what your individual financial profiles look like.

In our experience, it’s not a very effective way to get your financial sh*t together. Once you’re in a serious relationship—and Stash Wealth considers it serious if you’re living together—you’ll find it doesn’t make any sense to exclude your partner from the kinds of conversations you’ll need to have to build a successful plan (kinda hard to calculate a home purchase or retirement costs if we only have half the information). It’s also a lot easier to achieve financial goals if the two of you are working towards them together.    Finally, let’s be real—couples fight about money more than anything else, even sex. While talking about money might not seem like a sexy activity, you just might find that sharing your financials with one another is actually a great way to build a deeper connection.

If you’re in credit card debt, part of your game plan will be to discuss the best strategies to annihilate it as efficiently as possible. We are here to help you get smarter about your money habits, not to call you out. While we will use discretion, we strongly encourage couples to be transparent about financials, especially once you’re living together.

You certainly can, but we don’t recommend it. During the process, we will be discussing the basics of your lifestyle and also begin the conversation around goal setting. It tends to be harder to approach these conversations (annual travel, lifestyle, retirement, etc.) as an individual if you’re in a serious relationship. Please note, if you and your S.O. are in different places financially (one has more debt, one has a higher income, etc), that’s not a problem - couples almost always are.

If you purchased the Stash Plan® for Individuals and decide to add your partner, you must do so before completing the baseline workbook. If this is the case, you can email [email protected] with your request and we will invoice you for the difference in cost. Once payment is complete, we will modify your account status and you may proceed with your partner.

Stash Management™ is our on-going support option for HENRYs™ who have completed the Stash Plan® and don't want the responsibility or hassle of managing their plan or investments on their own. We’re talking to you delegator-types. In addition to investment management, Stash Management™ includes an annual update of your Stash Plan® to account for any life changes, access to our vetted team of experts, and year-round advice for all things money. Learn more here.

Stash Management™ is an optional offering for HENRYs™ who have completed the Stash Plan® process. You are welcome to manage your Stash Plan® on your own and revisit us annually or every few years to account for any changes you might be experiencing (i.e. new job, growing family, relationship status update, etc.)

Once you complete the Stash Plan®, you will receive an email invitation with all the information you need to sign up for Stash Management™.

Upon completing the Stash Plan®, you have 3 months (90 days) to decide if you want to sign up for Stash Management™.

We do not provide ongoing support to individuals outside of Stash Management™. However, we find Stash Plan® clients have very few questions after they finish their Stash Plan®. If your goals change or you need new advice for any reason, you will be invited back to Stash Wealth annually to update your plan, should you choose to do so.

Yes, having accounts at Stash Wealth is no different than having investment accounts at Vanguard, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, eTrade, etc. Similar to most modern day investment accounts, access to your funds takes 3 days for trades to settle (T+3) after which the funds can be transferred to your bank account which will be linked to your Stash Wealth Accounts.

Because Stash Wealth holds discretion of your investments, this satisfies the requirements that most employers place. In more stringent situations, we go through a process with you to ensure that Stash Wealth's investment models comply with your firm's requirements, should it come to that.

There are four main ways Stash Wealth is different. First, most traditional financial advisors do not abide by the Fiduciary Standard, they abide by the Suitability Standard. If you’re not familiar with the difference, a quick Google search will explain just how vast it is. Second, most financial advisors are glorified sales people, who are incentivized to push products, not to provide advice. Third, typically the fee you pay a traditional financial advisor does not include an annual financial plan update--you have to pay extra for that. Finally, ongoing support from a traditional financial advisor usually starts and ends with investment management. More often than not, they don’t support you with other aspects of your financial life including student loans, care for parents, job negotiations, stock options, merging finances with your significant other, budgeting, updating your lifestyle, we could go on...   None of this touches on the fact that most Wall Street advisors won’t even work with you unless you have a million dollars (and even if you do, you’re treated like a D-list client). We believe that the sooner you get access to holistic financial guidance, the more successful you’ll be. We treat our clients like Millionaires, before they are Millionaires.

The fee for Stash Management™ is determined by your investable assets at Stash Wealth. The formula we use to calculate fees is 1.2% annually (or 0.1% monthly). The fee is deducted from your account automatically on a monthly basis with a $90/month minimum. As your asset level grows, a declining fee schedule kicks in above $250,000. Why? Because we don’t think you should be penalized with higher fees just because your wealth is growing! Please see Stash Wealth's firm brochure (ADV2B) for a detailed breakdown of fees.

It might be! Depending on your income, part of the management fee may be deductible. If you are a Stash Management™ client, please check with your tax professional for more information.

If you’ve been thinking about asking your parents to borrow money, consider this: In the U.S., one in 10 homeowners say they aren’t comfortable with their retirement savings and haven’t been able to save enough as a result of supporting their adult children financially. That’s according to Unison, a San Francisco-based home co-investment company, which…

MoneyMASTERED™ is meant to emulate the last class you should have taken in school. It explains the basics of smart money management across the board (savings, credit cards, investing 101, retirement, etc.) It’s not going to address more complex things like how to hack your HSA as a retirement vehicle. Besides, if you’re asking those types of questions, you’re probably ready for a customized financial plan. Take our quiz to find out if you’re already a HENRY™ and ready for the Stash Plan®. 

While we do cover the topic of paying off credit card debt in detail, how helpful it will be to you is dependent in part on your situation and your willingness to take action. If you have extreme levels of credit card debt or a spending addiction, this course may not be able to help you. Your commitment to getting your [financial] sh*t together is the biggest factor in your success.

This course will give you the tools you need to be well on your way to HENRY™ status. Whether or not you get there, and how quickly, is up to you. If you work with a personal trainer at the gym, but go home and eat cake every night, your lousy results aren’t your personal trainer’s fault. It’s the same with money. If you implement the strategies discussed in this course, it will help your financial situation, but ultimately you are accountable for your results.

For some, talking about money early on in a relationship is super sexy and may even bring you closer. For others, it’s a real turn off. We usually encourage you to buy the add-on only if you’re planning a future together and ready to start thinking and working as a team. Money is a major issue for most couples, so kudos to you if you want to tackle the topic early on in your relationship! 

While we will discuss smart money principles that anyone earning an income (1099 or W2) should be practicing, we do not touch on specific pain points of entrepreneurs, such as retirement savings options for those not offered a 401(k) or dealing with unpredictable income. The goal is to help you develop smart money habits so that you’re ready for a custom game plan regardless of whether or not you’re an entrepreneur.

Nope! Everything that’s covered in MoneyMASTERED™ (and more) is covered during the Stash Plan® experience, except in more detail and tailored to your exact situation.

Maybe. Personal finance isn’t rocket science (and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise!) This course is built for people who want a one-stop shop for all the fundamentals via easy-to-watch videos and worksheets. If that doesn’t sound right for you, you might already be a HENRY™. You can always take our quiz to find out. 

If you follow the advice in this course, you should be well on your way to becoming a HENRY™. We want to reward your commitment. If you qualify for the Stash Plan® within 18 months of purchasing MoneyMASTERED™, we will offer you a discount equal to what you paid for the course. Just email [email protected] to let us know when you’re ready and we’ll happily provide you with a discount code. Please note, you are not eligible for this discount if you were gifted MoneyMASTERED™.

Yes. Some people prefer to read and others would rather watch someone explain this stuff. Our worksheets and course format are only available through the course, but if you prefer to make your way through the blog, have at it! Only you know what works best for YOU.

Anyone looking to get smarter about how they think about their money will get something out of this course, but it’s primarily directed at people between the ages of 25-39 years old. The sooner you get your financial sh*t together, the less you’ll have to compromise. It’s not mean, it’s math.