Why a one-time upfront fee?

Most financial advisors require you to hand over your hard earned money so they can invest it as the first step in the relationship. We think that’s crazy and instead, give you the chance to get all the benefits of the Stash Plan® for a one-time, flat fee that you’ll see upfront (it’s all over our website). With the Stash Plan®, we dive into your finances together, automate the sh*t out of your financial life, and give you a game plan for everything you can’t automate. You pay a flat fee for conflict free advice and guidance. After you finish the Stash Plan® (usually a 5-6 week process), you’re free to manage everything yourself moving forward. You have the option to sign up for ongoing support, but we’ll never pressure you into it.  It’s dating before getting married — novel, we know 😉