How is working with Stash Wealth different from a traditional financial advisor?

There are four main ways it’s different. First, most traditional financial advisors do not abide by the Fiduciary Standard, they abide by the Suitability Standard. If you’re not familiar with the difference, a quick Google search will explain just how vast it is. Second, most financial advisors are glorified sales people, who are incentivized to push products, not to provide advice. Third, typically the fee you pay a traditional financial advisor does not include an annual financial plan update–you have to pay extra for that. Finally, ongoing support from a traditional financial advisor usually starts and ends with investment management. More often than not, they don’t support you with other aspects of your financial life including student loans, care for parents, job negotiations, stock options, merging finances with your significant other, budgeting, updating your lifestyle, we could go on…   None of this touches on the fact that most Wall Street advisors won’t even work with you unless you have a million dollars (and even if you do, you’re treated like a D-list client). We believe that the sooner you get access to holistic financial guidance, the more successful you’ll be. We treat our clients like Millionaires, before they are Millionaires.