“Financial Planner Near Me” – Not A Thing Anymore

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You think you’re ready for a financial planner. You’ve made some smart decisions and believe a pro could help you take your financial game to the next level. You might even do a quick search for, “Financial Planner Near Me”.


You Picture: Walking into a big building, taking an elevator up to a stuffy room, and sitting down to chat with someone in a suit and tie. If you’re with a partner, you both take time off in the middle of the workday to meet at your financial planner’s office. You proceed to get bored to tears as this “expert” talks in jargon you don’t even want to understand.


Sounds great. Not so much…

Good news, there’s a new way to do things. 


Picture this instead: You’re in the comfort of your own home. You make yourself a cup of coffee and open your laptop from your couch. Your partner, who happens to be traveling, opens their laptop and you join a virtual financial planning meeting. In the end, you close your laptop feeling excited about spending money guilt-free and knowing you’ve got your financial sh*t together for the future. Your worries about money — gone.


Now, you’re picturing virtual financial planning


Yes, we are biased. Stash Wealth is a virtual financial planning firm. That said, we have good reason to believe virtual financial planning is the way of the future and the best experience for clients, especially higher earners who are in their 20s and 30s and have busy schedules. 


Why Virtual Financial Planning?


You won’t ever have to take time out of your day or travel to get to a meeting.


This means no printing of documents (who owns a printer anymore?) or carrying written notes to a meeting.



In a stuffy office, you might hesitate to tell your financial planner you want to save up for a Botox party or calf implants. Staring at a suit, in a conference room, it’s tough to interrupt a jargon-filled speech with, “wtf are you saying?”


Joining a virtual meeting from a familiar space makes it easier to be honest about your situation, goals, and the things you don’t know. And, to be successful in your financial game plan, you gotta be truthful with your financial planner. At Stash Wealth®, every virtual financial planning meeting is judgment-free (we really mean it when we say spend your money guilt-free) and easy-to-understand advice is our bread and butter (which says a lot given how much our team loves actual bread and butter).




As McKinsey points out in a white paper, The Virtual Financial Advisor: Delivering Personalized Advice in the Digital Age, “virtual advice should also not be confused with a high-end call center or a service center for low-value clients. It is not a digital add-on… Rather, it is an end-to-end delivery model for financial advice that replaces an in-person advisor – and offers a different (and frequently better) value proposition for a segment of consumers.”


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


The ideal experience is actually rather simple – you want to feel like you’re chatting with a good friend who just happens to be a money wiz-kid. No big conference room necessary. They’re on your side (hint: make sure they’re a fiduciary), they’re fun to chat with, and they cover everything you need to know in terms that are easy to understand. Because if you’re truly an expert, shouldn’t you be able to drop the jargon and explain things simply? We think so.

Virtual advice should also not be confused with a high-end call center or a service center for low-value clients.

Finding a “financial planner near me” is a thing of the past. Now, you can take your finances to the next level without leaving your couch. Quick tip: when looking for a virtual financial planner, make sure they’re a fiduciary and that they are fee-only (if you need convincing read this).


Curious about Stash Wealth’s virtual financial planning experience designed for young professionals? Check out the Stash Plan®.

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