What If I’m Not a HENRY™ Yet?

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If getting your financial sh*t together is on your list of 2020 #goals, we’ve got an exciting announcement. If not, what the hell are you doing reading a finance blog? Kidding, sort of. 


One of the biggest questions we’ve gotten since we launched Stash Wealth in 2013 is what you should do if you’re not a HENRY™ [High Earner Not Rich Yet] yet. Our blog has been a way for us to give savvy, no-nonsense financial advice to everyone, free of charge. But we knew we needed to go a step further. 


HENRY™ stands for High Earner, Not Rich Yet. But what is a high earner? Well, you can take the Am I A HENRY™? quiz to find out if you qualify for HENRY™ status. 


It may seem exclusionary, but we have a threshold for the types of clients that are best served by our services. We don’t want to take you on as a client if you aren’t really best served by our services. However, this means that there are lots of people working really hard to get their financial sh*t together who haven’t made the cut to work with us. And all that is changing in 2020. Now you can hack your way to HENRY™ status!


We’ve officially launched MoneyMASTERED™.

What is MoneyMASTERED™?

Much of the financial industry would like you to believe that personal finance is complicated, impossible even. That’s totally bull. 


MoneyMASTERED™ is a crash course that teaches you all the really important sh*t you didn’t learn in school. (Side note: why didn’t they teach us this stuff in school!?)

Now you can hack your way to HENRY™ status!

This course is an educational and entertaining master class in understanding your money. We cover budgeting (specifically why it doesn’t work and what to do instead), saving successfully, retirement, credit score, credit cards, and yes, student loans. There’s also bonus material about the challenges of dealing with your financial reality as a couple. 


We’ve got actionable tips that include apps and tools to help you take control of your finances, and also old-school options like worksheets to help guide you, step by step, through each section of the course. 


MoneyMASTERED™ also features a segment called BENNY for your Thoughts, where we hit the streets of New York City and ask people invasive questions about their personal finances. In exchange for a Benny, aka a Benjamin, aka a crisp $100 bill. As financial professionals, we get the dirty details of people’s financial lives all the time, this series lets you in on the informative fun.   

Is MoneyMASTERED™ right for me?

There’s a super easy way to find out. Take the Am I A HENRY™? quiz. (and share it with your friends)!

What if I’m already a HENRY™ and want to buy the course?

We want to make it super clear, this course is NOT for HENRYs™. If you’re already a HENRY™ and/or already our client, this course is not for you. Why? Frankly, it won’t live up to your expectations. You are working toward a different set of goals than a future HENRY™. Think of it this way, you’ve already got this sh*t covered. 


No matter if you’re a HENRY™, a future HENRY™, or just someone who stumbled on this blog, we’re wishing you a happy, prosperous, financially fantastic 2020 and beyond. 

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  1. How I love the acronym HENRY. I love the blog and all of its tips, that’s why I keep coming back for more. Thanks for always sharing

  2. You’re welcome. I owe you more gratitude. Your articles have been very helpful to me. I enjoy the tone too. Witty; which makes it easy to read and remember to apply your recommended tips.

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