Top 10 Stash Plan® Goals of 2019!

Do y’all remember that chorus of “Is 2019 over yet?” that’s been the soundtrack of the year? No matter what your Spotify end of year wrap up looked like, we’re certain you heard the cries of dismay echoing through the internet as this year trudged along. We’ve been there through it all, clients celebrating huge successes, clients scaling back after the loss of a job or home, and we are just as ready as everyone else to say “See ya, 2019, HELLO 2020.” 


And now we’re here! It’s the end of the year, and the end of the decade. (And if you subscribe to the decade beginning on 2021, cool, we’ll celebrate with you then as well.)

The end of the year also means our favorite blog post of the year. It’s the Top 10 Stash Plan® Goals of 2019! From experiences, to home expansions, to business ideas, you’ve had some great dreams and are saving to make them a reality. Let’s count ‘em down!


10. Barry’s Bootcamp Membership – $675

We’re usually talking about financial fitness, but we were happy to see some physical fitness goals in your Stash Plans® this year. Some of the hottest fitness trends don’t come cheap, so it’s important to factor them in. 


9. FROG – Family Room Over Garage – approx. $10,000

FROG was a new term for us, but we are here for it. One Stasher has a goal to make the currently un-livable and cluttered space above their garage into a cozy, welcoming place for the family to hang out and company to stay. We celebrate prioritizing using the space you have to make your home even better.


8. 20s Themed New Years Party – $400

Celebrations don’t have to break the bank if you plan ahead. One Stasher wanted to throw the bash of the century to ring in 2020. We think this is #fabulous and just hope our invites weren’t lost in the mail. We’ve got our best flapper looks and bootleg gin at the ready. 


7. Pomellato Ring – $4,000

These stunning pieces of jewelry are surprisingly customizable. We love a Stasher that knows what they want and are willing to work to get there. That’s especially true when it comes to women saving up to buy themselves jewelry. Been eyeing that incredible piece and hoping your S.O. takes the hint? They’ll definitely get it when you save up and buy it for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with waiting to be treated, but there’s also nothing wrong with treating yourself! 


6. Salsa Lessons – $2,000

Millennials have been called the “Experience Generation,” and Stashers are no exception. More and more goals each year are focusing on experiences, and we love it. One of our favorite experiences that one Stasher was saving up for this year was salsa lessons! Rhythm, passion, and a bit of exercise. Sounds like a total win. 


5. Tattoos – $6,000

Last year our Top 10 Stash Plan® Goals of 2018 featured tattoo removal. This year, you’re saving for tattoos! One couple is saving for one tattoo each for six years. If you’ve never gotten inked, you may not realize how pricey it can be. So we applaud our Stashers for saving up and being smart about factoring in their new ink in their financial plan. 


4. Annual Mother/Daughter Trip

*Tear* How sweet is this goal? Travel is on the minds of lots of Stashers, but we especially love it when you want to give travel as a gift. One Stasher wants to make her trip with her mother an annual occasion, and she wants to foot the bill. Consider our hearts officially warmed. 


3. Vespa – $7,500

Ride in style! One urban Stasher wants a Vespa to zip around the city. And whether you live in New York, LA, or anywhere in between, who wouldn’t want to trade in their traditional commute for a stylish, cool, versatile ride that can snake through traffic and definitely looks good on your Tinder profile? 


2. Buy or Start a Brewery – approx $50,000

We’ll be honest, this almost took our top spot. One Stasher has a passion for craft beer, so he’s saving up to start or buy his own brewery. One of our favorite goals any client can make is starting or leveling up a business. We just hope we’re invited over for a pint when he makes this dream a reality. 



1. Career Development/Skills Training

Most of our clients are working on their career goals, but some of you are taking it seriously enough to plan for extra career development and skills training. In an ever-evolving job market, it is more important than ever to stay relevant and informed. A great way to do this is continued education. But we’re not all lucky enough to work at companies that are going to foot the bill for this. We’re proud of all of our clients saving up to further their career goals. 


And there you have it. We’re constantly inspired by our clients and all your goals, big and small. We’re grateful for another year, and looking forward to a big year ahead. 


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