The Top 10 Stash Plan® Goals of 2018

We love our clients. You all make this grind so worth it. So much advice about financial planning is about cutting back, being frugal, and sacrifices that have to be made. Some of this if fine advice, but here at Stash Wealth, we want you to understand that financial planning isn’t just about telling you what you can’t do, it’s about showing you just how much more you can do when you have your financial sh*t together. And some of you are getting your financial house in order. GET IT.


We’ve been right there with you through the highs and lows of the year; as you’ve planned for the future, made goals, hit targets, gotten promoted, lost your jobs, and started retirement accounts. You inspire us every single day. So to round out 2018, we’re continuing the Stash Wealth tradition of the Top 10 Stash Plan®  Goals of the year.


And let us tell you, we were there for your goals this year. Some of you are selfless AF, and some of you are dreaming big. There are a few on this list that made us laugh, a couple that made us tear up, and some that seem downright universal. So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Stash Plan®  Goals of 2018!


10. A Trip Anywhere in the World for Your Grandparents

This definitely wins the sweetest goal of the year award. You want to send your grandparents on the adventure of a lifetime and we are living for this. Make sure to help them come up with an adorable hashtag we an all follow for the trip!


9. A Vacation Home in Bali

Yes! Set that bar high and get it. We are all about this vision board, and we are here for you to help make it happen. Please just invite us along when you host your extravagant NYE party at your gorgeous Balinesean McMansion in ten years.


8. Couples Dance Classes

#swoon. We love this goal so much. So many of your goals this year were about loved ones, and this one made us jealous. Now we just want to know are you thinking Salsa, Foxtrot, or Waltz? Whether it’s prepping for your big first dance at your wedding, or just getting ready to be the classiest couple at your neighborhood bar, we are all about this.


7. Tattoo Removal

Y’all, this is real life. We always have at least a few H.E.N.R.Y.s™ saving up for a tattoo, but this year we also had a goal tinged with a bit of regret. The price of tattoo removal can run in the thousands of dollars, so we think this H.E.N.R.Y.™ is smart for saving up and making it a priority.


6. Stand Up Comedy Lessons

First of all, thank you for knowing you need the lessons. We are based in NYC and we see plenty of comics who seem to have no idea this resource is available. So ultimate kudos for honing your skills in the safety of a classroom. Make sure to work us into your Netflix special someday.


5. A Horse

Horses are crazy expensive, so if you want to live that #ranchlife, it’s a good idea to start saving as soon as possible. This is a goal you shouldn’t underestimate, and caring for a horse over their long lifespan is a huge financial commitment. We can’t wait to see all the gorgeous pictures of your rodeo life!


4. Snoring Surgery

This one made us chuckle a bit, but let’s get real, medical expenses can be a huge part of your financial picture, and it is important to save up when you know a procedure is coming. This H.E.N.R.Y.™ wants to sleep a bit more soundly with a little less sound for the others around.


3. A Mattress

#relatable This is one of the most common H.E.N.R.Y.™ goals. Some of you got brand specific like Purple or Casper, and others just want to get something new that hasn’t been slept on by someone else’s sweaty body. A good mattress can be the key to success. Sleep is important, back problems are too real, and no one likes to sleep on an old mattress with a new partner. Now who is team Purple and who swears by the old Serta standard?


2. A Bee Hive

This might be our favorite goal this year. Bees! You want to dress up in that amazing white suit and lull some bees to sleep with some smoke and gather that sweet, sweet liquid gold. Please tell us which farmers market you open a stall at, we’ll be the first in line.



1. A Matchmaker

You’re ready for love and are ready to pay to find it. Apps take so much work these days, you are ready to hire a professional. Money can’t buy happiness, but we hope it can buy you an intro to your soulmate!


And that’s a wrap. Thank you all for an amazing year. We can’t wait to see what incredible, inspiring, hilarious goals you have for 2019.

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