We have no trouble rattling off the stats of our fantasy football team, or March Madness brackets but when you ask the average millennial to describe what they hold in their investing accounts, 1/3rd can’t do it.


Given that what you invest in (allocation, in financial lingo) is a major contributor to investment performance (The size of your stash!), knowing what you own and why is important.

It happens to everyone who doesn’t have a disciplined investing approach (A PLAN!) that over time you wind up owning a bunch of stocks you have no clue why, or mutual funds that haven’t done much over the past 5 years! We are a big believer that what you invest in should be determined by the lifestyle you want to live. So your goals and the timing of those goals leads to an investment mix that is tailored for you. It’s disciplined, it’s actively rebalanced and modified when needed.

So get a plan, clean up the mess and start make your money work for you!