Welcome Home, We’re Kicking You Out

It might be a sitcom cliché, but it’s not much of a stretch for most of us to imagine that the time will come (if it hasn’t already) when our parents will want us to clear through out childhood bedroom. This means having several difficult “heart-to-heart” conversations with yourself – i.e. what to do with 3 years worth of TeenBeat magazines, 112 Beanie Babies, your SEGA genesis, and that Dawson’s Creek poster.


For the stuff that you ARE NOT willing to let go of (yearbooks, your tennis trophies, your sorority t-shirts, etc.) it can be tough to figure out what to do with it, especially if you’re live in a city where your totally adult job affords you a place not much bigger than a dorm.


What’s an ousted H.E.N.R.Y.™ to do? Turn to the interweb, of course. Maybe you decide to part with some of it and for the rest, maybe you decide to store your treasures in a temporary home until you can afford that loft downtown with ample storage.


Here are our favorite apps and websites to help ease the pain and possibly even pick up some extra cash:

EBAY – The Old Faithful

It’s been around for over ten years, and everyone knows/trusts the brand.  Cons?
Clunky interface, dealing with auctions, and trying to figure out how to categorize your old favorite t-shirt (vintage? collectible?)

Gone APP

Specifically for electronics, this iOS app lets you upload a few photos and then analyzes the market to arrive at the best price possible for your item. They’ll then send you boxes and labels for shipping.


This is like the glossy, modern child of eBay and Craigslist–only with a slick interface. Once you upload a few photos, you can meet local, vetted buyers. This is good for larger items you don’t want to ship.

Make Space

If you’re hesitant to part with your treasures and live in a major city, Make Space will send people to your house to pick everything up and take it to a local storage facility.  Not only do they have free storage bins, but also will give you an online photo inventory and donation opportunities.

Let us know your best bets for selling and storing in the comments below!