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On behalf of Stash Wealth, I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the inspirational lifestyle blog, Refinery29. I was asked to help create a month long money challenge to help empower the Refinery29 audience + others to take control of their finances….yes please!


This was a huge undertaking for many reasons. For starters, money is still a taboo subject and uncomfortable for many to talk about. Given that I spend my days in the personal finance trenches, I sometimes forget to be cognizant of that fact. Also, depending on things like where, when and how you grew up, everyone has a different relationship with money, not to mention that most of us default to modeling ourselves after how our parents’ related to money. So, finding common ground around which to approach the subject proved tricky.


That said, we created this challenge with a singular focus – helping you build a solid financial foundation upon which to make more informed financial decisions and cultivate savvier money habits. Why? Because we all work hard and want something to show for it at the end of the day. So whatever your end-goal, improving how you handle money should ideally get you there faster and in better form.


No matter where you’re starting from, in 30 days, this challenge will trim, tone and strengthen your financial mindset + bank account…same as a 30 day plank challenge would strengthen your core. We also wanted this challenge to be “evergreen”,  editorial jargon that I learned to mean, always relevant, timeless in nature and can be referred to in the future. That means, even if you don’t start the challenge with us on day one, you can start it at any time and get the full benefit.


So without further ado…CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED


co-founder, Stash Wealth

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