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Is It Smart To Share A Credit Card With Your Spouse?

Whether you’re getting married or moving in with your partner, some of the biggest relationship milestones come with substantial price tags. That could include the cost of a wedding, furniture for a new apartment or even just spending more on your weekly grocery bill now that you’re shopping for two. And with these bills should…

How To Know If It’s OK To Borrow Money From Your Parents Once You’re An Adult

If you’ve been thinking about asking your parents to borrow money, consider this: In the U.S., one in 10 homeowners say they aren’t comfortable with their retirement savings and haven’t been able to save enough as a result of supporting their adult children financially.   That’s according to Unison, a San Francisco-based home co-investment company, which…

5 Things To Do Once Your Balance Transfer Is Complete

After you complete a balance transfer, it’s essential to follow some guidelines so you can ensure you pay off debt within the introductory 0% APR period. Transferring a balance is only the first step toward becoming debt-free. You’ll need to make consistent, sizeable payments and avoid overspending to rid yourself of debt once and for all.…

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