How to Donate More – 2 Impactful Tips

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Generosity matters. There’s no doubt. And if the selfless motivations aren’t enough for you, there’s evidence that being generous makes you happier.

The challenge for most of us is not “Why would I give?” The challenge is, “How can I afford to donate?” and “How do I give MORE?”

Glad you asked.

We have 2 big tips to make sure you know how much you can afford to donate to the causes you care about.

Tip #1 – Know your finances.

If you’re in the dark about your finances, you are not alone.

While being in the dark might be “working” for you, it might be holding you back from being able to contribute more to the causes you care about with confidence.

How many times have you had a friend reach out because they were fundraising? You want to support, you really believe in the cause, but you’re not really sure how much you can afford to give. Maybe you donate $25 each time because it feels reasonable without looking cheap. Or maybe you don’t donate at all because you’re not sure what you can afford.

Imagine the alternative – Wouldn’t it feel good to give confidently? To know exactly how much you can give, without hesitation?

Financial planning isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity to ensure you can do the things that are important for you. You can DIY-it with online resources (like blogs or online courses) or you can find affordable professional help. Stash Wealth offers all three – blog, online crash course, or white-glove affordable professional help.

Building wealth, for many, is not about “getting rich”, it’s about having an impact.

Find the tools you need and trust, and get going. If getting your financial life together for yourself hasn’t been inspiring enough, do it so you can give more to others.

Tip #2 – Automate a piece of each paycheck into a donations-specific account.

At Stash Wealth we hate the word ‘budget’ – budgets are time-consuming to set-up, tedious to manage and, like dieting, usually result in feelings of deprivation followed by overspending, followed by guilt. Instead, we recommend Reverse Budgeting.

One of the keys to a successful Reverse Budget™ is automatically putting money aside for the things you care most about.

A GREAT example? Donations.

With most online banks today, you can easily create a separate account with a nickname of your choice. It’s as simple as…

  1. Create a new account
  2. Nickname it “Donations” or whatever you want (our favorite donations-account nickname? “Giving more f*cks”)
  3. Create an automated transfer from your primary checking account (or whatever account your paycheck is deposited into) so that you’re regularly adding money to the account. We recommend setting it up for a few days after you get paid (monthly, twice a month, whatever works for you).


Before you know it, you’ll have money building up in that account. When you find something you want to give to, check how much you have available in your account and give some or all of it without thinking twice.


How it feels to give more f*cks

Empowered. That’s how.

Getting your financial sh*t together is bigger than knowing you’re planning for the future (although that’s a great part of it). Feeling in charge of your own financial world can empower you to directly align your hard-earned money with your priorities and values. It can give a whole new sense of purpose to that bonus check or side-hustle money.

When you have your financial sh*t together (with a strong financial foundation), you’re in a better spot to make your voice heard. It sucks, and we wish things were different in many ways, but the reality is that money buys you a seat at the table (as one of our clients recently pointed out). Building wealth, for many, is not about “getting rich”, it’s about having an impact.

Get on top of your sh*t to give even more, it’s that simple.

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