The Easy Way to Get on the Same Financial Page with Your S.O.

It’s almost Valentine’s day, so we’re supposed to write about love now right? LOLZ. Even with cupids and jewelry commercials flying at us like crazed pigeons in Central Park, we keep it real. So instead of giving you five cheap ways to show your love this V-Day, we’re talking about all the ways money can f*** an otherwise wonderful romance. 


One of the hardest parts of being in a relationship is getting and staying on the same financial page. It’s not a popular topic, but it’s one we won’t stop talking about because it’s our J.O.B. to make sure you’re having these conversations. We also want you to be prepped so that we don’t become your accidental money therapists. No really, it happens. 


As financial advisors we end up as accidental relationship coaches, and we’ve written about many of the challenges our clients face when dealing with financial stress; from what to do if one of you is a saver and one of you is a spender to how refinancing your loans can actually HELP your relationship


Our number one piece of advice for your financial health as a couple is pretty simple: COMMUNICATE. As passionate as we are about automating your savings so you don’t have to budget (which is the key to what we call the Reverse Budget™), we are just as high key about couples needing to talk about money.


If you only do one thing to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day, why not have an honest conversation about your financial goals, your financial realities, and how you can align on making your badass financial dreams come true? 


This can be as simple as getting honest about how much you each have saved. We know, it can be scary, but taking small steps toward getting honest about your finances will help your relationship and your ability to live that jet set life. 

Our number one piece of advice for your financial health as a couple is pretty simple: COMMUNICATE.

Feeling really ready to have some honest convos and take it to the next level? We’ve launched a mini crash course specifically focused on Couples & Money, and the challenges that are faced by combining your financial lives. 


And this isn’t your average “Manage your money, but with your partner” class. We don’t just get into the details of how to manage money together, but we also get into the psychology of why it’s important. 


We cover questions like:


  • Should you merge your bank accounts?
  • Should you share credit cards?
  • Should you help them pay off their student loan debt?


If you’ve been trying to get a constructive conversation about your combined financial future started with your partner, this is the perfect jumping off point. 


Take a moment to imagine how much being aligned about your shared finances is worth in the entire lifespan of a relationship. We bet it’s more than the cost of an entree at whatever fancy place you haven’t booked yet for that Hallmark date night. 


So treat yourselves to something truly romantic this Valentine’s Day and invest in understanding how to optimize your finances as a partnership. That’s what we call sexy. Speaking of which, Are You Financially Sexy?  


Ready to dive in and get real with your sexy S.O.? Learn more here!

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