How To Get Financial Confidence: The First Step

Intro by Priya Malani:

Some of us, quite frankly, most of us feel very overwhelmed when it comes to our financial life. Not knowing where to begin is a result of not knowing what to prioritize. There’s debt but there are also bills to pay. In this video we talk about the importance of clarity and goal-setting. It’s the perfect place to begin to better understand your financial values and priorities because once you nail that down, it’s much easier to figure out your next steps.


Lifestyle Expert, Nitika Chopra:

Not gonna lie, money and finances are not my strong suit. In fact, it’s taken me years to get mine in order. You see, I got married in my early twenties and let my then-husband manage all of our financials. Little did I know, I was kind of crippling myself.


Lucky for me, I have some pretty amazing, savvy friends who have been able to direct me. If you’re like me and need a little assistance in this area, I’m so happy to introduce you to my dear friend Priya.


Priya is the founder of Stash Wealth, a super hip financial management company for millennials. Not only does Priya make finances feel way less intimidating, but she makes it fun too! No joke. In today’s video, she shares 3 tips to manage your money better so you can develop some financial confidence!