Our 10 Favorite Stash Plan® Goals of 2017


All day every day, we help tons of H.E.N.R.Y.s™ achieve all manner of financial goals. Of course, there are a couple basics things to take care of first – saving for retirement, paying off high-interest debt, tackling student debt, etc – but once we’ve helped lay the groundwork for a good financial foundation, it’s on to the fun stuff! And in this area, the sky’s the limit.


Every year our team chooses some of their favorite financial goals to highlight in our Top Ten list. Here’s what we picked for 2017!


Our Favorites for 2017:

1. Auto-racing School

With self-driving cars around the corner, it seems the only place we may be able to get behind the wheel in the future is on the racetrack #whyelonwhy


2. Harry Potter/Star Wars Disney trip

For those who are kids at heart. We’re seeing this a lot these days – clients who want to live out childhood dreams. We say, go for it!


3. Gucci Sylvie Floral Jacquard Top-Handle Bag



4. Family vineyard

Talk about a cool retirement plan. This couple wants to leave the city someday and open a winery.


5. Toto Japanese toilet with ALL the buttons


6. A really big telescope


7. Cryolipolysis (Cool Sculpting)

We had to look this one up. It’s a process that freezes fat cells and kills them. Then, the body naturally eliminates the dead cells over the course of several weeks. Gross/cool/kinda wanna try it.


8. 3-day weekend fund


9. Annual family photo sesh

JCPenney’s, anyone?


10. A mom van

Why fight the stereotype? Besides, the new models are wayyy more suped up than the one your mom drove.



These unique goals stood out to us, but we saw some general trends among clients, too. More people are saving for providing care for elderly parents, planning work sabbaticals, and shifting careers to jobs will make them happier (even if it means earning less).


Top travel spots were Spain and Greece. The most wanted cosmetic procedure was Invisalign, and more people are getting into naturopathic medical treatments, like acupuncture and Chinese medicine.



So, with everything we have to pay for and save for, how did our clients find the cash for expensive toys, unforgettable experiences, and fancy procedures?


For most of our clients, it was as easy as automating their savings. Even as little as $50 to $100 per paycheck sent straight to a savings account made a big difference. And when it came right out of their paychecks, they didn’t miss the money nearly as much.


Dedicated clients who made small sacrifices, like limiting dining out, found it was worth it once they achieved a goal. Packing lunch so they could go somewhere cool every 3-day weekend? That’s a trade-off worth making.


The best thing about having a Stash Plan® is the freedom it gives you to do what you want. Buy the pricey gift, learn a new skill, travel to new places, get botox, whatever! You don’t have to feel guilty about it, because you’ve got the important sh*t taken care of. Sense of security is a beautiful thing.

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