European Vacations On Sale! (25% Off!)

What if we told you the cost of a European vacation is on sale, BIG TIME!  You’d probably jump to book that trip you’ve been thinking about for a while? Stash Wealth is all about smart spending and enjoying life. So when opportunities like this come along, we are so excited to help you be in a position to take advantage of it.

So why is now the time for a European vacation?

In the past year the Euro has lost 25% of its value relative to the US Dollar. That basically means it takes you 25% fewer dollars to buy the exact same amount of Euros. It hasn’t been this cheap in 12 years!


To put this in real terms, let’s say a hotel room in Paris costs 300 Euros. It would have cost you $415 USD to pay for that a year ago. Today, the same 300 Euro room would cost only $318. That’s a $100 savings a night on your hotel. Now apply that same savings across dinners out, entertainment, and transportation costs.


In order to take advantage of the savings, travelers must be smart in how they convert their US Dollars into Euros. If you do it at a currency exchange window you won’t get the best exchange rate and you won’t be able to take advantage of the full 25% off. It may be closer to 20% off. The best advice is to apply for a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees and has a competitive exchange rate program. Using the credit card to do the bulk of your spending while overseas will make a big difference. Bank of America & Capital One are two competitive cards to consider.



Happy Travels!

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