The Coolest Piggy Banks

The basics of money management is something we all can probably say we wish we learned at an earlier age. It’s crazy to think that something that was once a ceramic decorating accessory has turned into an educational and inspirational tool to implement good financial sense, no matter what our age.

We’re kicking off our Coolest Piggy Banks list with The Money Savvy Pig, designed by mom, Susan Beacham. For parents out there looking for a way to introduce the concept of money to their children, The Money Savvy Pig does a great job of starting a healthy conversation around allowances or birthday money from grandparents, relatives, etc. The piggy bank is designed to give your child 4 choices of how to allocate their money…Save, Spend, Donate & Invest. In addition, it keeps them engaged by allowing them to set goals for each bucket of money, using goal stickers.



The next one on our our list was cleverly designed so that once funded, it’s impossible to retrieve your savings without breaking the bank. This may sound a little extreme, but some of us, this may not be such a bad idea. If you’re saving up for a new flatscreen by Superbowl or a weekend getaway, we like this clever little contraption that guarantees you don’t prematurely dip into your stash! Find it on Etsy by Acacia Court Woodworks.



Don’t pretend this hasn’t been you at some point or another. We’ve all been there!



The last one is a tech savvy piggy bank. Dubbed the Porkfolio and considered a “full-on financial institution”, it syncs with an app that tracks your deposits. We love it for kids who are addicted to their Smart Phones. At least this app teaches them more than how to crush candy or whatever it is the kids are doing these days! You can find it on Amazon for $36.