The Five Best Side Hustle Options for H.E.N.R.Y.s™


The holidays are fast approaching, did you remember to save up to pamper your SO, get something thoughtful for your parents, and get the perfect thing for your whole crew? No? Sh*t. Time to save up, quick.


There are two ways to save, spend less, or make more, and making more is a hell of a lot more fun. Saving sucks! There’s no way around it. So instead we’re focusing on how to make some more without expending too much more effort. H.E.N.R.Y.s™ already work hard, so we’re talking about working smarter, not harder, no matter how clichéd it might sound. It’s time to get #creative about your side hustle.


Introducing: the five best #sidehustle options for H.E.N.R.Y.s™.


There are two ways to save, spend less, or make more, and making more is a hell of a lot more fun.


Generate Passive Income

If we had to pick a favorite kind of income, passive would probably be at the top of that list. Get money for doing nothing? Sign us up. Okay, so it’s not totally money for nothing, you do need to put in some work up front. How exactly can you generate passive income?


Our favorite option: create an online class or ebook. Platforms like Teachable allow anyone to create a class. Have a skill or something you know a lot about? Make it a class and charge money for it. Online classes are amazing, and Millennials and Gen Z are notoriously curious. We want to know it all, and we can find it all on the internet. Why not set yourself up as an expert and charge for your knowledge?


Not sure you have a skill worth teaching? Think again. People offer Teachable classes on all sorts of things from inbox management to watercolor painting. Think about your careers and hobbies, and set up a course to teach a skill you’re already killer at, whether that’s marketing, programming, PR, or freediving!


Sell your Stuff

Millennials are all about experiences, right? We know we’d much rather take two amazing trips each year than collect a bunch of stuff that’s going to clutter up our apartments. But holy sh*t, we still have so much stuff. Why not get rid of some of it? Minimalism is very in right now, and whether or not your extra stuff ‘brings you joy’ it could definitely bring you some cash.


Ditch the extra Lululemons, last year’s Nike’s you never really wore, the three extra suits sitting the back of your closet, the crockpot you never use, you name it! If it’s cluttering up your space, put that shite on Poshmark! Even if you only get a fraction of what you paid for it, once you round up all your extra stuff, it’ll probably add up, and it will certainly be more cash than if you had let it keep taking up space in your already cramped apartment.


Sell your Skills

Not sure about selling your stuff? Sell your #skillz. Companies like Fivvr, TaskRabbit, and Handy are taking off right now, and they are all about helping doers get their skills to people who need them. Handy with power tools, you can make some solid extra cash over a weekend helping those early 20 somethings hang their first set of shelves. Organizational wizard? Help someone get their life organized, and make some money while you get that serotonin boost when everything finally has a place that’s just right.


You can even sell silly stuff, like doodles, poems, or jokes! Fivvr is famous for things costing $5, a $5 drawing of your dog, and the like, but plenty of people on Fivvr charge much more than $5 for their services.


Sell Yourself

Do you have a sizable social media following? If so, you can turn that time you’re spending on Insta into cold, hard cash. Or at least some #swag. And we know how gross those #ad posts can be, but sometimes you have to look out for your own, and who doesn’t want to rep products or brands they actually care about?


You can also take it to the next level with affiliate marketing. If you have a blog or newsletter that has a following, you might want to look into partnerships. This doesn’t mean you have to talk up every product that wants a feature, just because you’re charging to mention a product or service doesn’t mean you have to get sleazy. Just have some standards and only rep things you are excited about. Brands are most excited to partner with people who authentically represent them anyway.


Side Hustle for Couples

Bonus side hustle you can do with your bae: House/Pet Sitting!


Did you know you can make money to hang out with people’s pets? This doesn’t mean you have to become a dog-walker for Wag! (Though if you like to get outside and like dogs, why the hell not? Extra cash and extra snuggles? #win) If you’re a H.E.N.R.Y.™ chances are you know someone with more money than you that likes to travel, but has a cute little pooch they can’t always take with them. Get on this person’s list as their go-to pet sitter! If you have a really great relationship with them, you might also offer to stay in their home, that way you can water plants and keep an eye on things and Fluffy doesn’t have to be without her Hermes doggie bed.

Note: This is only an appropriate side hustle if you really are good with pets and can be trusted to take care of someone’s fur baby. If you are the type that has a bunch of dead houseplants and tends to get drunk enough on weekends to leave your phone in the Uber, one, step it up, and two, don’t let other people entrust you with their pets.

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