21 Best Apps to Hack Your Life (or) How to Never Stand in the Trader Joe’s Checkout Line Again

Who does laundry? Who drives themselves anywhere? Who buys their own groceries? If you’ve answered “ME” to any of these questions, then keep reading.

In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of mobile apps and websites catering specifically to on-demand services—aiming to simplify your life in innovative ways. The most popular of these is obviously Uber—to the point where whole concepts can be explained by using Uber as the example.”Uber for Alcohol! Uber for Laundry! Uber for Petting Kittens!”

“If you’re wondering why a financial site telling you to spend money to hack your life, well, that’s a valid question. And we have a valid answer. Actually, we have two valid answers.”

If you’re wondering why a financial site is telling you spend money to hack your life, well, that’s a valid question.  And we have a valid answer. Actually, we have two valid answers. The first is about time.  Time is the most precious commodity we have, and unlike money, you’ll only ever have a finite amount of hours in the day. Take a moment and figure out your hourly rate. (Keep that figure handy as you read on!)


Other than time, we can also look at the costs. Take laundry, for instance. This article does a great job of breaking down the costs of owning your own washer/dryer versus schlepping everything to the laundromat. They ultimately discover that you will break even on the costs of buying/maintaining a washer and dryer (versus visiting the laundromat) after 600 loads of laundry.  But what this article doesn’t factor in is your time.  Remember your hourly rate? Estimate how long it takes you to do a load of laundry, from initial sorting to the final act of putting them all away. We asked around at the Stash office, and while we may be Money Ninjas, we are the biggest laundry-folding procrastinators. We’re talking hundreds of dollars of lost income each month in laundry folding time.



21 apps to hack your life

We compiled a list of our favorite on-demand service apps below, but please share your own go-to apps in the comment section below!





Never Fold Your Clothes Again.  
Hit a button to have your dirty clothes whisked away and then returned later—laundered and folded.




Drizly. Saucy. Swill.  

Alcohol At Your Doorstep (in under an hour!)
Hosting a party but realizing you’re quickly running out of booze? Alcohol-delivery to the rescue!




Instacart. Peapod. Fresh Direct.

Grocery Shop From Bed
It’s just as fresh and when you factor in a round-trip on the delightful MTA, the delivery fee is practically a wash.
Bonus: Never Stand In The Trader Joe’s Check-Out Line Again
Double Bonus: You also get to avoid that fun game of seeing how many groceries you can carry up to your apartment in one trip.




Grubhub. Seamless. Postmates.

SweetGreen without the Line
Sometimes, you just really really want a Harvest Bowl from SweetGreen, but you’re also celebrating no-pants Sunday and don’t want to leave your house.  Let the friendly people of these apps go grab and deliver your favorite food. (Just don’t forget to put pants on before answering the door.)




Handy. TaskRabbit.

Let Someone Else Do Your Chores.
Raise your hand if you own a level or a monkey wrench. Okay, moving on. Whether you want to hang a gallery wall or assemble your new Ikea dresser with the unpronounceable name, these apps let you pick someone to do your chores for you.





Create, Write, and Send Cards from Your Phone.  
You select AND WRITE your cards (in your own handwriting – how cool!) all from your phone. You’ll never miss a holiday again!




UGH. JASON. Lauren should have totally gone to Paris.

Bloom That

Same Day Flower Delivery

UGH. JASON. Lauren should have totally gone to Paris.
Bloom has a slick interface that lets you browse and select bouquets to send to your favorite people for a low delivery fee.





On-Demand Dog Walking
Wag connects dog owners with dog lovers for services like dog walking, dog sitting, and dog boarding.





Your Personal Car Valet
Luxe is an on-demand valet service. You basically tell them where you’re going, and a valet will meet you at your destination. Not only will they park and return your car when you’re ready, but they also can take it to the car wash or a gas station to refuel.




Glam Squad

Look like a Kardashian (but Retain Your Soul)
Glam Squad will send stylists and artists to your house for hair and makeup. The prices aren’t outrageous either—makeup looks start at $70 and blowouts at $40.




Fit Spot

A Personal Trainer without the Gymtimidation
Pick the kind of workout you want to do, your location, and if you have buddies you want to work out with you. You’ll be matched with a trainer who comes to you and creates the kind of workout you want to do that day—boxing, yoga, Crossfit, interval—whatever you want! You can work out solo for $59 or split the fee with friends.





The Easiest Way to Ship Packages
For $5 a pickup, Shyp will come to your door and grab up to 20 items. Then they’ll package and ship via the most efficient method. (And for you online shoppers, they’ll do all your returns as well!)





On-Demand Massages without Resorting to Creeping Craigslist
Zeel offers same-day, in-home massages with the best licensed massage therapists. They offer different types (Swedish, deep tissue, sports) and will even bring their own tables.




Happy Hour Finder

Master the art of Happy Hour
Drinks with friends can be one of the quickest ways to blow your paycheck, so being able to look up the times and details of your local happy hours can mean huge savings!



Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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